Take 5 has been a tradition here at Substream for an incredibly long time. While it has been missing for a little bit of time (most recently running in December as a special Holiday Five edition). However, during all of the strange and uncertain things going on around us in the world — most of us are quarantined inside our homes — there’s no better time than now to bring back the Take 5 feature.

For now, this feature will run more than once a week, as we have a lot of great guest contributors lined up. Much like December’s Holiday 5, this will be a special variant with guest contributors — except this time, they’re sharing…well, sorta whatever. It could be a list of activities they’re doing to pass the time during this odd period of time, maybe a list of books they’re reading, shows they’re binging, or whatever it might be that interests them.

Our latest feature comes from one of our favorite artists here at Substream: Local Nomad. He shares with us the five things that he’s been doing to pass time while self-quarantining during this COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. “DARK” – I’ll be binge watching the second season of the show “Dark”. Hopefully learning the German language & the power of time travel. Also, I’d love to see “Cats”. In some cases, it’s best to subtract the critic’s rotten tomatoes score from 100% to get the “true” value. So in this case Cats got a 20% from critics… 100% – 20% = 80%….. Yeah, I hope they start streaming it sooner rather than later.
  2. ABLETON – I’ll be brushing up on my ableton live skills. Working on production and writing songs for the apocalypse. I just finished.
  3. INSANITY – I’ll definitely be trying to stay as active as I can. Running, nature walks & maybe attempting insanity with Shaun T.
  4. READING IS GOOD – My friend just gave me a book about stoicism “The essential Marcus Aurelius”.  I have too many books that I need to read. I think I’d like to start with this one. I’m also going to dig into my Austin Kleon book “ Keep Going ”. The book is about being more in control of your creative lifestyle. I’m gonna take this time to refocus my energy.
  5. COFFEE – I’m going to be drinking A LOT of coffee, because I’m gonna need some extra energy to focus on all the tasks listed above – especially “Cats”