Millennial rapper Lil 6at is taking his talents to new heights in the new year. With a thriving sound and rapidly growing fan base, this emcee has made a name for himself in Georgia and is ready to take over the big leagues. The first thing that comes to mind when listening to Lil 6at is that he was born to create music.

Substream’s Boom had the pleasure of catching up with the rising superstar as he openly discusses his forthcoming EP, being in the military and being a role model. Check it out for the complete interview below.

Boom: Can you describe your music?

Lil 6at: It’s a raw, monotone, wavy sound with relatable, believable and inspirational lyrics. I write lyrics that people can feel and visualize as they are listening.

Boom: Do you have a new project coming out? And if so what can you tell me about it?

Lil 6at: Yes, I am currently working on an EP called VII XII. It’s like the new Lil 6at that’s chill and living in LA. I’m moving forward on this new project no matter what obstacles I have in my path.

Boom: Have you ever been compared to another artist? If so, how does it make you feel?

Lil 6at: Yes, I have. People compare me to Snot and Lucki. I feel like we have similarities in our deliveries, but we don’t talk about the same things. I’m not trying to one-up. I just create my wave with my sound and topics. Nowadays everyone almost sounds the same but unique in their own ways. You can’t just sound like someone. You have to have a different voice that sounds like no other voice or different messages behind your music.

Boom: How do you feel about the responsibility that comes with being a role model?

Lil 6at: I have always had responsibilities growing up. When I got older, I joined the military and made it to sergeant rank. So, I was automatically a role model to younger soldiers and lower ranks. I know how to lead by example and inspire others to never give up on their dreams. Giving people motivation and actually seeing success is dope.

Boom: Describe what your studio experience is like?

Lil 6at: It’s like being in another world, just releasing art onto an instrumental is wavy. It doesn’t matter if I record with people in the room or not because I put my headphones on. I only hear the beat and express myself on the mic.

Boom: Is the stuff you rap about alter ego music or do you really live it?

Lil 6at: I really live my lyrics. I talk about being in LA living life like I want to. I also talk about hanging out with bad models, clubbing and getting money. I must admit I am missing my old lifestyle and want to incorporate my past with my present lifestyle.

Boom: Who are your top-three dream collaborators?

Lil 6at: Definitely Lil Uzi would be my first pick because I love him as an artist and person. The second dream collaboration is Future because his rhymes are hot and the way he delivers his lyrics they are catchy. Even though kids can’t really look up to his music, the songs are still great! And lastly, Chief Keef because I feel him. Coming from Chicago I know it was a war zone and terrible there. I can put myself in his shoes when he first started rapping.

Boom: Which songs were your essentials growing up?

Lil 6at: 50 cent’s “Many Men” because I thought I was a gangster and that I had enemies out to kill me. Soulja Slim’s “Feel Me” as well because of these lyrics, “it all good you gone feel me good and bad no matter what comes from me you gone feel me”. I also love Camron and Kanye New. I was never fake, and some people are real fake. That’s not my style.

Boom: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Lil 6at: I see myself as the CEO of a record label with a bunch of businesses owning property and changing the lives of younger artists. I want to set a way for them and their families as well as mine.

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