New York-based singer-songwriter Layla shares a buttery-smooth new single, “Vacation,” that arrives right on time for lovers to celebrate the holiday and each other.

Despite its name, “Vacation” isn’t a call for visiting somewhere new and different with a loved one. Rather, it’s an opportunity for listeners to recognize that sometimes, being with that special someone is an actual vacation, be it from work, stress, or anything else. Or as Layla herself says:

“This song is about my love for that person, and about how no matter what we were doing, or where we were, life always felt like a vacation. Sweet and easy.”

And if you’re loving the Cupla Beats-produced “Vacation” as much as we are, stay tuned for her forthcoming EP, NOMAD. It features this track and more fire from this rising vocalist, who chose the title based on her lifestyle that has taken her from country to country over the years. It’s also had a major influence on her music, which you’ll hear on the EP as well.

Available on Nomad Entertainment, courtesy Spotify.