Adam Melchor is on a roll lately. He’s released his new single and video for “Joyride”. Co-directed by Julia Abner and Melchor himself, the whimsical video features Melchor in full skeletal makeup, performing a cabaret show to an empty theater. Watch below.

On writing “Joyride,” Melchor says, “‘Joyride’ is about letting things go for the better. When I was a kid, my parents had a truck that never ran. It was stolen out of our driveway and they were unbelievably cool about it. They knew they never used it anyway, and there were much bigger problems to worry about. I remember that being the first time I learned about perspective; that even when bad things happen, you have to take the good things out of it. When my parents got divorced, it brought me back to this moment. Even though it’s not the greatest thing on paper, I knew splitting up would endlessly make them happier, so this is me looking at my parents separating through the lens of a dust collecting hunk of metal that wouldn’t properly turn on.”