Bri Tolani is an artist on the rise, gearing up for a massive 2020, and someone that you don’t want to miss. Inspired by everyone from Linkin Park to Taylor Swift, Bri Tolani first got into writing songs to help her memorize her homework throughout middle school, ultimately writing her first proper song after a freshman year heartbreak.

While she was attending the prestigious Bandier Program at Syracuse University, she got her well-deserved big break(s). Here is where she leant her voice to a string of popular collaborations: “Better” by AJ Salvatore & Fluencee, which landed in the Top 25 of the Spotify US Viral Charts and Global Viral Charts, “Why Do I?”  with Unknown Brain, “Because of You” with Steve Void and Big Z, and “Words” with Steve Beauz — all of which have each accrued millions of streams on Spotify.

Bri Tolani recently released her new single, “Hazy,” which hinges on fluttery guitar riffs and a beautifully enticing melody, paired with her proven angelic vocals. 70 million streams later, the light that Bri Tolani shines with her music is as genuine and inviting as ever, with “Hazy” being the next step in that. All the more impressive, it was written, produced, engineered, and recorded all on her own.

With the video for “Hazy” being released previously, we are excited to be teaming up with Bri Tolani to bring you an exclusive behind the scenes peak at the “Hazy” music video. Since ‘Hazy’ was my first music video, I was worried about how it would come out, but the whole experience felt so realistic. When i was ‘acting,’ I felt like I was just being myself and releasing emotions — which was such a cool experience,” she tells Substream. “No part of the shoot felt fabricated or scripted; it felt like a real support group. Most of the quotes people said in the video are things that they actually wanted to say and get off their chest. The whole vibe on set was so organic and genuine and that’s what made it so special to me. We all bonded and felt a little closer after. The team and cast made my vision come to life and did so in such a beautiful way. I can’t wait to do another video!”

Watch our behind the scenes look below.