Celeste Tauchar spent years playing with the electro-op duo Frenship, which enabled her to play in iconic venues like Red Rocks Amphitheater and big festivals like Lollapalooza. But after doing it for so long, it was time for her to branch out and take center stage — thus, talker was born.

The moniker of talker comes from how most people have mispronounced her family’s name all of her life. Now, the Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter is putting all of her music talents into talker and the result as a grunge-pop project that is ready to take the world by storm. Last year saw the release of a few debut singles, and this past February brought the release of her debut EP, Horror Films.

She quickly blew up in the Los Angeles area and caught the attention of indie label/collective Common Ground Records. And now, talker has released her new single, “Keep Me Safe,” which is as relatable and cathartic as it is engaging. The single tells the all too familiar story of being fearful of a relationship’s demise, building up to an explosive finish.

The video for “Keep Me Safe” can be found below, and finds talker creating a video that displays the fear and anxiety over the inevitable. It’s a heartbreaking story and video, but one that still offers redemption. “There is still redemption in owning up to your feelings,” she explains. “It’s about getting them out in the first place, and then trusting how you feel regardless of how hard that may be.”


If you like “Keep Me Safe” and can’t wait for more, you’re in luck. More music is on the way that will look to tell more stories from her own personal experiences, with the upmost honesty.

You can keep up with talker on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.