Tei Shi has released a new collaboration with Blood Orange, “Even If It Hurts.” The track is the latest release from her highly anticipated sophomore album La Linda, which she announced alongside the track. The video was produced in partnership with sun-grown cannabis brand Sunday Goods and stars Dev Hynes, a frequent collaborator of Tei Shi.

Tei Shi says, “I made this song with two of my closest collaborators – Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) and Noah Breakfast. It came together in pieces between LA and New York but sprouted from the lyrics Dev and I kept on singing – ‘even if it hurts…I just don’t mind’. The concept is really the realization and acceptance that pain is a natural consequence of love. It’s a duet about the ways in which we make ourselves vulnerable to those we love, sometimes at a high cost. The video was directed by Cara Stricker and with an incredible and almost exclusively female creative crew. It features a multitude of amazing designers like Collina Strada, Vaquera, Christopher John Rogers, Mugler, Maryam Nassir Zadeh . I wanted to capture the romantic and melancholic elements of the song but put them in a world that feels removed from the every day, its own little odd paradise where Dev and I existed parallel to one another but never really together.”

Adds director Cara Stricker: “”I wanted to explore the iconography of love in art history through a modern yet romantic lens. Creating stillness and emotive movement to reflect the physical or emotional space in love… vulnerability, numbing immersion, knowing the truth, becoming closer, fighting for it, letting them in…even if it hurts. It’s a conversation between opposing perspectives in a relationship.”

Check out the video for “Even If It Hurts” here:

La Linda is set for release on November 15. Check out the tracklist for the album below.

Tracklisting for La Linda

  1. Addict
  2. Alone in the Universe
  3. Even If It Hurts feat. Blood Orange
  4. Matando
  5. Twilight
  6. When He’s Done
  7. Red Light
  8. Thief
  9. No Juegues
  10. A Kiss Goodbye
  11. We