The lead-up to Tegan and Sara‘s new album Hey, I’m Just Like You has been like hopping in a time machine. From the upcoming release of their memoir High School (out September 24) to the sounds of recent releases harkening back to the beginning of their career, the twins have been especially contemplative of late. That continues today with the release of Hey, I’m Just Like You‘s title track, alongside a throwback lyric video.

“Hey, I’m Just Like You” is about the strong bonds formed in youth, with Tegan and Sara explaining how comfortable they are once they find like-minded people. While not as heavy on the guitar-based sound of recent singles, the track still does feature some of that mixed in with a return to a more production-based sound. We also get to see what Tegan and Sara were like in younger days ourselves, as the lyric video is entirely made up of home video footage from when the two were teenagers. Even back then you can see the bond between them, which will surely warm your heart upon seeing.

You can check out “Hey, I’m Just Like You” now. The new album will drop on September 27, just a few days after their book.