Hardcore heavyweights, Stray From The Path, have announced a new full- length album and have just released the first single from it, “Kickback” featuring Brendan Murphy from Counterparts.

Internal Atomics is due to be out on November 1 via UNFD.

Along with the announcement of the release and the single, the band is going on tour this fall with Counterparts in North America and with The Devil Wears Prada, Gideon, Loathe in the UK/EU. 

Within the past two decades, Stray From The Path has been bringing their charged-up punk fury and politically outspoken voices to the masses. Internal Atomics it shows that the band isn’t slowing down anytime soon. This album has the band being more ferocious than ever; being a vital voice for reason, empathy, and change in challenging times. 

“Kickback” is the most ideal single to get fans prepared for this album. With the relentless cut of hardcore fury and undeniable groove along with guest vocals from Brendan Murphy, what more could hardcore fans ask for?

The unique hardcore-meets-hip hop in the vocal delivery is on full display throughout this album. From pitting out lyrics that rail against apathy towards the suffering of others, toxic dog-eat-dog culture, myopic worldviews, institutional corruption, to the selfishly misplaced priorities of past generations,  Internal Atomics provides both a release for frustration and a path to action. 

The album can be preordered here and you can check out the video for “Kickback” below!