Hailing from the block of Port Orchard in Seattle, Lil Pwn grew up a self-proclaimed loser and outcast, almost getting arrested at the age of 13 for scaling three-stories of an apartment building in order to steal a premium bong and hookah. Later run-ins included Lil Pwn at the peak of his hacking career trapping with a load of stolen credit cards, eventually leading to an armed shootout, and his arrest.

Lil Pwn’s edgy over-the-top comedic persona has made major waves on Instagram, hitting over 104k followers in his first year on the scene. His SoundCloud has been no exception to success, achieving nearly 4 million plays on his tracks. Lil Pwn’s sound combines inspiration from unique sources. A Seattle native, Nirvana, and the grunge scene heavily influenced his style and aesthetic. Pwn was also a fan of gangster rap with the 1990’s OGs being childhood idols of his, and as a young artist such as SmokePurpp and Lil Pump solidified his unique vibe. His newest single “Hate so Hard” combines these hardcore influences while providing a fun, slapping vibe.

Turning his back on the block and the trapping, Lil Pwn has made his way to Hollywood with his Gangway posse in tow to pursue his music. Focusing all his efforts on his creativity, Lil Pwn is set to have a year filled with new content and record releases.

Watch “Hate So Hard” by Lil Pwn below.