Electronic duo NEFFEX have released a scintillating new song, “It’s My Life”. Another one of their standalone tracks, “It’s My Life” sees the two drawing on the carefree nature of summer for a catchy, danceable new single with an enjoyable, guitar-driven drop. Perfect for those summer nights, they say! Listen below.

“‘It’s My Life’ really sums up everything that NEFFEX is all about,” says the duo about the new song. “From the title to the lyrics, it’s about the freedom to do what you want to do, pursue a dream and enjoy the journey along the way.”
This makes sense— the band is all about freedom, creative and otherwise. NEFFEX came about as the brainchild of lifelong friends Bryce Savage (vocals) and Cameron Wales (guitar, decks), when they challenged themselves to release an original song every Wednesday at 9am for 100 weeks. The result? An incredibly loyal fanbase and over 110 originals filled with pop melodies, hip-hop inspired beats, and a few guitar-fueled breakdowns along the way— that were subsequently made available to everyone, royalty-free. Impressive, considering they’ve done this all themselves.
It's My Life Cover Artwork

Cover Art: Courtesy of 12 Tone Music