It’s Friday afternoon, it’s been a long week, and in these cases you sometimes need an emotional release. You need a song to belt along to and let all your feelings out as you sing along. Today, Chicago alt-rock band Narrative has stepped up to deliver on that front. The quartet released their second single of 2019, the emotionally powerful track “Diamond.”

Narrative smartly take their time on “Diamond,” with a deliberate tempo set by the echoing guitar and production that sounds like the faint sounds of howling wind in the back. That’s not to say there’s no kick here; there definitely is. When the drums come in and the big riffs come out, “Diamond” is a powerful listen. Vocalist Cade Armstrong once again provides a moving performance, showcasing both his impressive range and ability to convey a story. The endurance at the core of the lyrics in “Diamond” is hard-fought, but Armstrong makes it clear we all have the capability for it.

You can listen to “Diamond” below.