Alex Bemis is one of the truest and most capable superhuman hyphens of all time. Sincerely. It’s difficult for someone to do ONE thing half as well as he does three. Sincerely (part two). Please let me explain:

  1.   Photography –

Alex started his photography career like so many others do: As a hobby.

While on tour with This Wild Life (more on that duo in section #3), Alex learned that he had a robust passion for life behind the lens. Now, Alex regularly shoots photographs for Absolute Merch, Equal Vision Records, Epitaph Records, and so many other reputable companies that you love love from the scene. As far as actual bands go, Alex also just took sterling sterling photos for 5 Seconds Of Summer’s recent charity show (Friends Of Friends, featuring 5SOS, All Time Low, and a few other up-and-coming live acts). Alex also tours regularly with From Ashes To New as the band’s official tour photographer. FATN recently completed an arena tour with Five Finger Death Punch, and Alex said that that experience was one of the more surreal tours of his life. Also, on a personal note, Alex recently took a series of sleek and fantastic photos of The Underclassmen (a duo that Curtis Douglas and I co-manage); Alex captured Justin Cole and Dan Picarel quite quite well, and we are all thrilled for it. Basically, Alex gets whatever “it” is, and has a very unique photography voice that should be heard by all ears in the land. I’m a fan over here.

  1.   Content creation (social media management & graphic design) –

Sometimes the words “marketing” and “social media management” can be extremely vague hyper hyper cringe inducing buzzwords uttered by your company’s Ryan Howard equivalent from The Office (or another douche canoe of the like), but Alex’s hyper hyper specific skill set showcases that he’s upper tier in terms of his already super strong abilities in the digital marketing space. Alex’s super strong eye for detail, pristine and excellent Adobe Photoshop skills, and comprehensive and effective social media strategies make his company Bemis Creative a non-misleading name for a business. There’s too much bullshit everywhere, and Alex is 100% the antithesis of said crap. In closing, personality goes an extremely long way, and Mr. Bemis can enhance a unique roll out for whatever band or brand that comes his way. I’m a fan over here.

  1.   Bass work –

You may or may not know this (and as stated briefly in section #1), but Alex Bemis sometimes moonlights as the live bassist for This Wild Life. TWL has been all over the world with Alex in tow, and he has had the chance to tour large and small venues in South America, North Europe, and Australia with the duo. Fun fact: He even got to open with This Wild Life for its North American Dashboard Confessional in Spring 2017. Dashboard. Confessional. My wife is jealous. Anyway, Alex’s cool demeanor, chill presence, and quick fingers enhance the duo’s live show whenever he’s on stage with ‘em; it’s really fun to watch. I had the chance to catch Alex at least one song in four separate sets in four different cities (Wantagh, Pomona, Detroit, and Mansfield) with TWL on last year’s (last full cross country) Warped Tour, and I truly dug his contributions to the set each and every time. I’m a fan over here.

So there you have it, I’m off to get photographed by Mr. Bemis for my second Waldman’s Words photo shoot ever; I hope that he makes me look ¼ as cool as he does. Be kind to each other and shalom.