Ahead of their forthcoming EP, the alt-pop trio in Saint Slumber have shared another new track, and this time, they’ve accompanied with a whimsical new music video for their single, “Sleeptalk.”

“Sleeptalk” is the second track from the group’s forthcoming EP, YOUTH//3, which is set to be released on Aug. 16. It follows the ep’s first single “Mantra,” and it will continue to paint a picture that their previous EPs, YOUTH//1 (Red) and YOUTH//2(Blue) were trying to tell.

Of the music video, the band shared in a statement:

“We wanted to create a visual that mirrors the surreal feelings of being in a dream: hazy textures, otherworldly imagery, the jarring creepiness of seeing things where they aren’t supposed to be, the gentle ghosts of your past as they continue to tiptoe around in your mind.”

They continued on by saying:

“The ‘SLEEPTALK’ music video is particularly ambitious for us because we use characters, scenery and footage from past music videos to create an almost extended universe for all of the visuals in our YOUTH//Trilogy.”

You can check out the music video of Saint Slumber’s latest single “Sleeptalk” below!


“Sleeptalk” is taken from the band’s forthcoming ep, YOUTH//3which is slated to be released on Aug. 16. You can get your copy of it here!