No one knows what you need better than you do. Other people can offer advice or guidance, but ultimately the final say in what’s best for you belongs to you alone. Exercising that power can be scary, but in a relationship or any situation where you’re not being treated well or getting all the support you need, it’s important to recognize and speak up for what you deserve. If you need a little help working up the courage to do that, San Diego’s Eliza Vera is here to give you some encouragement. Her new single “I’m Done” is all about advocating for yourself, and we’ve got the premiere right here.

Backed by a simple and steady percussion line, Vera uses her voice and guitar to lay out her case. The relationship she sings of isn’t a supportive one, and she makes clear that’s not acceptable. The riffs become more powerful and pronounced as she reaches the chorus and declares “I’m done,” freeing herself to become the person and find the support structure she deserves. There’s a twinge of sadness in the track for what’s happened leading up to this point, but the overwhelming feeling of “I’m Done” is one of strength and hope as Vera looks to the future and the possibilites in front of her. “I’m Done” is a clear call for all to recognize what they need and unapologetically work towards it.

Vera gave us the mission statement behind the track, saying “‘I’m Done’ is a song meant to empower those in relationships to stand up for themselves and end things if they aren’t loving, genuine, or true.”

You can listen to Eliza Vera’s new single “I’m Done” below.