Today, Grammy Award-nominated British indie/rock band Glass Animals have announced that they’ll be releasing their new album, I Love You So F***ing Much, on July 19th via Republic Records.

I Love You So F***ing Much is the follow-up to 2020’s critically revered Dreamland, which sold over 12 million copies worldwide and gave life to “Heat Waves,” the record-breaking song that became the biggest international hit from a British band in almost 30 years — and shot Glass Animals to new heights.

But the birth of I Love You So F***ing Much was an existential crisis. Frontman/songwriter/producer Dave Bayley found himself struggling to make sense of this newfound global stardom, having watched it all happen while the world was in lockdown. “Life can change dramatically, but sometimes you aren’t able to change as quickly on a personal level,” he says. “You end up feeling like a spectator. And then you are asked and expected to be a certain type of person, a different person. But…I wasn’t sure how. It confused me to the point of not knowing who I was or if anything was real.”

I love you so f***ing much, I LOVE YOU SO F***ING MUCH, I love you SO f***ing MUCH, I love you so F***ING much, I LOVE you so f***ing MUCH. These words take on a different meaning every time you say them,” Bayley continues when discussing the album. “The universe may make us feel overwhelmingly small, but we have this human connection that is far vaster and more mysterious. Love comes in an infinite number of forms and shapes and sizes. It is so complex, and so powerful that even witnessing the tiniest instance of it can change your life forever.”

To go alongside the album announcement, Glass Animals have unveiled the album’s lead single, “Creatures In Heaven.” Set against a backdrop full of 70’s tinged analogue synths and a vast scale of production, the single aims to tackle the moment.

“Are you here in the moment? Be in the moment. “It’s about a moment in time, be it a split second or a year or whatever, having the capacity to be enormously formative and life-changing. Even if it is over. Or if it doesn’t go as planned. Or if it dies too soon. It is still fucking beautiful. The love and care and the feeling in that moment lives forever. It never really dies. If that’s how you choose to see it,” says Bayley.

Listen to “Creatures In Heaven” below, and head here to pre-order the new album from Glass Animals.


Glass Animals art


  1. Show Pony
  2. whatthehellishappening
  3. Creatures in Heaven
  4. Wonderful Nothing
  5. A Tear in Space (Airlock)
  6. I Can’t Make You Fall in Love Again
  7. How I Learned To Love The Bomb
  8. White Roses
  9. On the Run
  10. Lost in the Ocean
    April 11th – Pappy + Harriet’s – Pioneertown, CA
    April 15th – Tabaqueros – Mexico City, MX