Do you ever just think about language? It’s a big, complex thing to think about it, but it’s good to consider it every now and then. It’s important to be grateful for it, as it has allowed us as a species to reach unimaginable heights and express our emotions to each other. It’s equally important to be mindful of how we use it. It can be easy to hurt others with our language, whether through saying something or not saying something. Language is obviously a big part of music, and something artists consider often. Swedish pop artist Molly Hammar has clearly been thinking about it, and she’s using her voice to discuss it on new single “Words” (premiered on NYLON).

A soft piano underscores the beginning of “Words,” during which Hammar ruminates over a relationship with a lack of communication. The song is a plea to this person to share their thoughts with Hammar. Her voice carries all of the confusion, urgency, and hurt that anyone who has experienced a similar lack of communication can relate to. The chorus incorporates more of the big pop production and dance music-like crescendos and energy.

The video for “Words” mirrors the isolation that comes from not communicating. Hammar is alone throughout the video, directed by Jonathan Wendt & Hamza Sultan. The dimly lit scenes may point towards a bleak outlook, there is brightness to be found. Flowers are a big visual motif here, and as petals bloom and grow it points towards hope for a more open, communicative future.

Watch the music video for “Words” below. Hammar is preparing for the release of her next EP, which will drop sometime this fall.