“I want to roll down the window and just mellow out,” Tom Boy tells Substream. And that is exactly what this song will make you want to do.

Tom Boy’s latest is “Lowrider” coming as the band’s latest single, with an accompanying video. The track is the duo’s sophomore single. Word of an album is yet-to-be-announced. Regarding the track, the band tells us, “We want you to roll down your car windows, spark a joint (as long as you aren’t driving) and enjoy the ride! “Lowrider” is the perfect spring road-trip song that should invoke old memories while you make some new ones!”

“Growing up, I lived in what was turning into a mountain suburb in B.C. where the forests I spent my days in were quickly disappearing,” the band continues. “Like my environment, my internal landscape was changing too. I didn’t fit in and that feeling never went away. I had to learn to embrace all that has made me who I am today. We’re ready to dance and celebrate our weird. This year we’re working to improve the health of our gut flora so eat your greens, drink lots of kombucha and shine up your fancy shoes!!”

The “Lowrider” video is as authentic as anything you’ll see. It features on a bobble-head like real-life figure moving his head from place to place. “The shooting of the music video almost didn’t happen as Nate and Dante got extremely sick with the flu and also realized that they hadn’t booked a car rental to drive to New York during Thanksgiving. Nate neglected to tell the production team he hadn’t secured a car in order to not stress everyone out. On the day of departure, he was lucky enough to get the last car at a rental shop in Kensington Market in Toronto. The rest is history.”

Watch the clip below.

[header photo by: Jen Squires]