Kids Amen  — a reincarnation of the previously covered pop-rock band A Story Told — have released their debut single, “Halfway to LA.”

The single comes after members of Kids Amen began mysteriously posting on social media about a “new era” and redirected fans to Kids Amen’s social media platforms. They even sent out letters to fans and hung them up around their town to draw excitement and attention towards this new project.

With “Halfway to LA,” the band shows their evolvement, moving further away from their pop-punk roots in A Story Told and into a new sound that falls more in line with current alternative/rock projects like Bad Suns and COIN.

You can listen to the new song from Kids Amen below, which vocalist Alex Chaney described on Instagram as being “about moving on. Sometimes we stay in one place mentally and emotionally for too long, even if it hurts us because we’re scared of change.”

You can keep up with the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and keep a look out for more new music.