Aurora and Talos

Metro // Chicago, IL // March 1, 2019

Aurora and Talos’ Chicago show had powerful tunes, illuminated jellyfish, and lots of dancing.

As I waited outside the Metro in a queue of fans covered in glitter and scarves, I noticed two young girls hand in hand with their mom. They couldn’t have been older than 8 or 9 and were jumping up and down with excitement to see Aurora in person. Once we all made it inside, the girls sprinted up the stairs to the main level, their mom smiling and running after them. I lost sight of them for a bit, but later on, I spotted them in the balcony standing on their tiptoes with their chins resting on the barricade. Their smiles and wide eyes emulated everyone in the Metro, captivated and in love with the elf-like artist. Aurora gave Chicago a show that they wouldn’t soon forget.

Aurora by Kate Scott

It’s not often that the opener garners as much attention and applause as the main act, but Irish mellow rockers Talos certainly captivated the Metro. Eoin French’s project, composed of himself and four band members, sounds like a cross between Fleet Foxes and Explosions in the Sky, with French’s vocals leading the group in every song. French has a sharp, deep voice that reverberated throughout the venue, even when he was singing softly. The emotion in every one of Talos’ songs was palpable, and the audience definitely felt it. Only one or two people had their phones out, and everyone clapped and cheered at the end of each song like they were only there for Talos. It was clear that the members of Talos were just as excited to be there as fans; during their songs, they would often appear somber or melancholy, but when they heard the applause, they all smiled like those kids in the balcony.

Talos by Kate Scott

Aurora is not a typical pop star, but she’s also not a typical indie musician. Her tunes are catchy and radio-worthy, she sells out venues easily, and she has die-hard fans. But she performs barefoot (like Florence Welch). smiles at the smallest delights, and makes everyone in the crowd feel like they’ve known her for years. She’s completely approachable, but still mysterious and hard to figure out. Her latest album, Infections of a Different Kind-Step 1, is deeply moving and personal while still an exercise in happy-go-lucky electropop. Aurora’s stage presence is one of a kind, and even more impressive because she’s only 22 years old.

Aurora by Kate Scott

The stage was bathed in deep pastel light and surrounded by big paper jellyfish, and Aurora looked ethereal in a flowy lace top. Her soft demeanor can easily shift to one more powerful and aggressive, as it did during “Warrior”. She pumped her fist in the air during the chorus, shouting “I am a warrior!”, and her fans followed along. Towards the end of the song, I looked back up to the balcony and saw her young fans jumping and throwing their fists up. Future electropop stars in the making? Fans who are years ahead of their time? I hope it’s both.

Aurora by Kate Scott