After leading with the single, “Horizons,” and the later-released, “Canons,” Nashville’s Super Duper is ready to show off his newest EP, Vessels. The new electronic EP features both tracks, as well as the hit song, “Open Eyes,” featuring Madi Diaz.

Regarding the five-track EP, Super Duper talked about his journey creatively and the direction he sought. Read the full statement:

The Vessels EP is my creative journey into pushing the limits of my sound with lots of experimentation. I set out to create an album that had more depth in emotion and tempo than my previous releases. I wanted it to ebb and flow and not just be high energy every second. It’s also hinting towards the future direction I’m going for, while also keeping in line with the VHS EP’s sounds. Those nostalgic 80s and 90s elements will always be a part of my writing but I wanted to keep creating new ways to make those sounds modern and inspiring. I’m striving to keep my sound unique and identifiable but I want to make sure I’m always pushing towards something new because that is the most exciting part of music for me.

The EP feels very emotional and is an essential listen. Check out the EP in its entirety below.

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