It’s no secret there are a lot of bad jobs out there. Whether it involves unrewarding work, terrible bosses, or a number of other factors, a job can quickly suck the joy out of you. It’s the fantasy of many people to storm out when they’ve had enough and do just what they want to do in life. Erin Roberts, the creative force behind musical project Porlolo, did just that in January. Not only did she quit, she went and recorded a song with all that energy she had built up. The song is fittingly called “I QUIT,” and is premiering here on Substream.

You might not feel that fire at first during the wavy guitar chords of the intro to “I QUIT,” but that quickly changes when Roberts begins singing. She runs down a litany of grievances, delivering the titular words over and over again. With each repetition, the delivery becomes more blunt and you can feel her power grow as she liberates herself from all of the unfulfilling aspects of her life. The instrumental remains surprisingly mellow and groovy throughout, which serves as an interesting juxtaposition against the fury of the lyrics. “I QUIT” will make you hum along and groove a little bit while at the same time hyping you up until you feel you can run through a brick wall.

“I QUIT” is about more than a job. Roberts explains “Singing this song puts power back in my hands when the going gets rough. I’ve used it as mantra to sing repeatedly to myself when faced with tough situations. Dehumanizing bosses, turgid gatekeepers, glass ceilings, blind eyes. Sometimes when there’s nothing nice left to say, you can just say I QUIT.”

Summon all of the defiant energy you need and stream “I QUIT” below.

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