Undeniable Dance hitmaker Lucas Estrada is a trailblazing recording artist, a most-sought after producer, and now independent label owner. With all eyes on him this year, the rising star is ready to make a huge impact. We sit down with the new sensation and discuss being his own boss, dream collabos, and how to keep the hits coming. Learn everything about the Stockholm-bred in the exclusive interview below.

[Substream] How did the label idea for LoudKult come about?

[Lucas Estrada] I got the idea to start our label LoudKult last year. I have been working as a music producer for many years and 2 years ago I finally decided to go “all in”. So I quitted my job and started working with music full time. During the years I have been promoting my own music by reaching out to some of the biggest tastemakers. This effort means that I have a lot of contacts to people involved in the music business. I know a lot of music producers, third party playlists owners, people that can make a great mix, guitarists, singers, people making covers etc. I have a quite big network so to say.
I know that the music business can be hard when you don´t have these contacts so I decided to offer my services to music producers like me who are trying to build monthly listeners on Spotify and tries to promote their music in different ways. LoudKult is a company for artists made by artists. We have received a great response so far.

Do you enjoy operating the label and how has the music been that’s come your way?

I enjoy operating the label and it enables me to get in contact with some really talented and upcoming musicians and artists. I get a lot of great tracks and we only sign the ones we think we are actually able to help out in a way that benefits both parties.

What creative elements gravitated you to Pawl?

Pawl is very creative. He always has fresh ideas on how to make new sounds or adding effects in a song. He is a great singer who aspirates to always deliver a message – he wants every song to have a message to the people, to create a feeling. That is excellent qualities and together we complement each other in a good way.

Did “2Face” happen quickly or was it a tune that took a lot of crafting to finish up?

We worked on 2face for some days. In my opinion, the best tracks don´t take too much time. It should feel natural. You should not have to force yourself too much, if so then it’s probably not a good song. Pawl took some time to think about the lyrics and the message in the song.

If you weren’t DJing what would you be doing for a job or passion potentially?

I would like to work with artists to help them in their careers. I definitely would like to work with people. I am a very social person.

How many more releases do you plan to drop in 2019?

Hopefully 5-6 more releases or maybe more. I have a lot of great tracks in the making ?

Who is your dream collaboration partner?

Oh, that was a difficult question. There are so many talented successful artists. I would really like to work with these producers

  • Calvin harris
  • Max Martin
  • ludwig göransson