The chase scene is a staple of cinematic experiences in our culture. Whether it’s an action-packed footrace in a spy thriller or a goofier pursuit in a cartoon, there’s a thrill that comes with watching the participants try to outwit and outmaneuver each other. Like any scene, a good chase needs a good soundtrack to make it complete. The Revivalists clearly agree. If you listened to “Change” from the band’s November release Take Good Care and thought it had the energy for just such a video, you’re in luck. Today the New Orleans-band revealed the thrilling, technicolor video for “Change” (via Forbes).

The video is set at Meow Wolf, a cool art installation in Santa Fe you should check out on your own. The Revivalists are playing a show there, and tickets are in high demand. When the “sold out” sign goes up, the protagonists of the video decide to sneak into the installation. This obviously doesn’t sit well with the bouncer, and here is our chase. As shots of the band performing amid the colorful exhibits go by, we see one woman in particular work hard to stay one step ahead of the bouncer looking for her. If that weren’t enough, the walls and people begin to distort and waver, indicating something more magical may be afoot at this show. Taken all together, the video for “Chase” provides a thrilling narrative mixed with some captivating, unique visual flair.

Watch the new video for “Change” from The Revivalists below.