If we looked at everything completely seriously all the time, there would be no fun at all. On occasion we just need to laugh at ourselves, or stress a little less about the big things in life. Love is no different. It’s a powerful emotion, but we should also be able to have a little fun with it. Shayfer James had a lot of fun with it on his recent single “Crack A Bottle, Run A Bath.” The good times continue this afternoon with the premiere of the track’s music video here on Substream.

The video centers around James, who is sporting with a slightly creepy smile to go with his clown makeup. There are a lot of different scenarios going on here, each expertly filmed by Kris Night and directed by Kate Douglas. There’s James pressing his face into a dollhouse while he sings to the inhabitants, dancing underneath a bridge, and shots of him showcasing some of the miniatures he’s collected. It’s all very surreal, but there is a definite sense of humor in just how bizarre many of these scenarios are.

That offbeat humor and surrealism comes from James himself. He says “The song is an upbeat, positive look at romance through a slightly unusual lens. The idea that anything can be worked through with enough conversation, a sense of humor and an ability to let go of the past. I asked Kate Douglas, my close friend and collaborator, to direct this video. She agreed to do it only if it ‘captures the Shayfer I know.’ She felt there was enough dark brooding stuff out there and that perhaps I should let my guard down a bit and let folks see my sense of humor. It was a hell of a day and we had a blast. It was also 95 degrees outside when I was dancing in those wool pants under the highway. Lucky for me the wine kept me focused.”

Join Shayfer James on this journey and watch the video for “Crack A Bottle, Run A Bath” below.