You know what’s fascinating? Musical, cinematic art. Music that took a lot of creativity and exploration to create. That’s exactly what takes place in this new “Anything” video from New York alt-pop/indie band Missyou.

I really got hooked on Missyou with the release of “Timid & Timbuktu,” which serves as the last single prior to “Anything.” Released on October 5th last year, the track really dives deep into the artistic capabilities this indie four-piece really has. Move up to now with our exclusive premiere of the “Anything” video. As told by vocalist Blaise Beyhan, he aims to search for a world where love rules above all.

This song is about the longing for a time and place when we all had more empathy,” Beyhan explains. “And wishing that everyone cared more for one another, and how understanding and love can truly change everything. I wish for a world where willing to die for another is valued above being ‘cool,’ where passion is rewarded, and not something to be ashamed of. I hope for a time where we don’t have to hide who and what we love, and I hope for a culture where we celebrate differences amongst us all.

More information about Missyou can be found at their website. Their new EP, YourBody, is set to arrive later this year. Check out the new video for “Anything” below.