Minneapolis-based indie/rock trio Yam Haus have released their latest single, “First to Try.”

“First to Try” is the band’s first single of 2024 and serves as a candid reflection on diving through their anxiety and the search for self-acceptance.

With its raw honesty and poignant lyrics, “First to Try” provides a glimpse into the inner turmoil that many individuals grapple with silently. Through their music, Yam Haus seek to shed light on these universal struggles, by providing a safe space for listeners who may be facing similar challenges.

Speaking on today’s news, Yam Haus shares. “‘First to Try’ is about anxiety and self loathing and believing lies about yourself. A lot of these lies are formed when you’re young and you carry them with you into adulthood and they affect the people closest to you. It’s about feeling stuck in cyclical behaviors that cause more pain than necessary. It’s about feeling trapped by your own humanity, unworthy of love, and feeling powerless to do anything to fix it. I believe this is something we all feel to varying degrees throughout our lives.

Listen to the new song below.

As Yam Haus continue to carve their path in the music industry, the trio remain steadfast in their commitment to finding strength in raw emotion and breaking down stigmas across various difficult topics. Venturing into the remainder of 2024 and beyond, their message remains clear: vulnerability is not weakness, but rather a source of strength and connection.