Two weeks ago I discovered singer Jerry Williams and put her new single, “David At The Bar,” in my Take 5 column. I was struck by this simple, powerful tale of Williams meeting this man and the message about sobriety, optimism, and life it imparted. If the song wasn’t powerful enough on its own, Williams has now released a powerfully moving music video for “David At The Bar.”

The video was filmed in Portsmouth. Normally that might just be a trivial detail, but here it serves a vital importance. The bar you see in the music video is the actual bar from Williams’ encounter with David. We see the man playing David sitting by himself at the bar, and what plays out is an approximation of what happened that night paired to the story in the music. The David in the video does a fantastic job embodying the optimism and the sadness from the song into one performance, and it really feels like the viewer was there during the original encounter by watching the video. The shots at the end where David dances in a dimly lit room are especially moving.

You can watch the video for “David At The Bar” below. In the description of the video, Jerry Williams says she would love to find David again, and the video ends on a napkin reading “Where Is David?” If you happen to live in the Portsmouth area and know David or know who might, you can get ahold of Williams on Twitter or Instagram.