Pablo Dylan is a modern day folk-rock musician/instrumentalist that grew up with music at the center of his life — being the the grandson of Bob Dylan will do that. He ultimately discovered his own passion for music at a young age, and quickly realized he wanted o make his own mark on the world.

His music career is more than just his grandfather, though, as in his early-teens Pablo Dylan focused on finding his own voice and wound up experimenting with numerous different musical styles. In addition to dropping his own one-off records in the following years, Dylan did some production in collaboration with artists like ASAP Rocky, OG Maco, Erykah Badu, and more. Through all of this, though, he quickly grew disillusioned with the highly-influenced process of making music for the sales instead of the artistic integrity of it.

This pushed him to taking a break from releasing music, and instead locking himself in the studio — pushing him into this journey of his new-found sound. Earlier this year, Dylan returned with a handful of new musical releases, showcasing his ability to discover his own unique sound, influenced by classical music and experimental ambient.

Today we are excited to bring you the premiere of a live performance of “Violet Noon,” an unreleased song from Dylan. The video shows Dylan and guitarist James Harte in an intimate setting, performing the track with relative and ease and howling, folk-y vocals that could fill a room with ease. He tells Substream that “This song is about what is lost and what we’re willing to sacrifice to gain it back.”

Listen to the stripped-down track for yourself below.

Dylan will be releasing his new EP, The Finest Summersault, in early-2019 — though “Violet Noon” is not expected to be on the release. On the release, he introduces an introspective and luminous rock/alternative sound inspired by his infamous lineage. That being said, he will be the first to tell you that comparisons to his grandfather were the furthest thing from his mind when it came to recording the dark, moon, and personal release.

If you like what you hear from Dylan on “Violet Noon,” you can keep up with him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

1/17 — Pappy & Harriet’s — Pioneertown, California

1/30 — The Bootleg w/ Balto — Los Angeles, California