We’ve all been in what we thought was a perfect relationship or situation. Maybe at the time it actually was perfect, but we all know things can change in an instant. When something that was going so well takes a turn for the worse, it can hurt a lot. It’s definitely a process to heal after that and get back to normal, a feeling LA singer Kyan Palmer covered movingly on both the single “Burn Mona Lisa” and the Burn Mona Lisa EP released last month. Today Palmer has shared a music video for “Burn Mona Lisa” which captures that same feeling, and we have the premiere right here on Substream.

The video begins with a photograph of Palmer and a woman. As he stares at a collage of photos of the two together, it becomes apparent the two used to be together. The video progresses and Palmer is clearly torn up about the end of the relationship. Palmer is great at conveying emotion through his expressions as he sings, and just looking at his face you can tell he’s mourning. Spliced in between shots of him performing is footage of his ex and himself with a handheld camera quality look to them, making the whole thing feel more personal and real. To drive home the title and message of “Burn Mona Lisa,” some of the photos don’t make it through the end of the video.

You can watch the video for Kyan Palmer’s “Burn Mona Lisa” above. Palmer’s Burn Mona Lisa EP is out now, and you can stream it below.