Miserable has released a new music video for her track “Loverboy.” The song comes off of her upcoming double EP, Loverboy/Dog Days, and you can find the Suspiria-influenced, Mitch Wells directed video at the op of this post.

Miserable mastermind Kristina Esfandiari explains that,”I wrote ‘Loverboy’ as a healing anthem for myself and hopefully other Womxn who have experienced confusion or a sense of inadequacy due to gaslighting and objectification. I don’t exist for someone else’s pleasure or entertainment and that’s essentially what I’m singing on ‘Loverboy.’ So many of us are made to feel less than human.” She continues, “The Loverboy [EP] as a whole is meant to be reflective on past experiences that I feel muted my voice. There was a time in my life where I felt guilty about the immense amount of internal fury. I carried on a daily basis. I tried to frame it, tried to push it further down. I suppose this released has empowered me to connect with my own anger and frustration. It’s caused me to see that my own anger is healthy, absolutely valid and even necessary. Playing these songs live has been more liberating than I could have ever imagined.”

The full scope of Miserable is set to be unveiled with this double EP, which features the brand new Loverboy EP and a reissue of Dog Days. The EP will be released on October 26th via Sargent House, and can currently be pre-ordered here.

Below you will find additional details on the EP, as well as Miserable’s upcoming tour dates.

Miserable, Loverboy / Dog Days Track Listing:
  1. Loverboy
  2. Gasoline
  3. Cheap Ring
  4. Pain Farm
  5. Hotel
  6. Fever
  7. High
  8. Kiss
Miserable — On Tour:
October 20  Los Angeles, CA @ Resident
December 12  Los Angeles, CA @ Union *
December 13  San Diego, CA @ Che Café *
* w/ THOU