The West Coast Feed is an eight piece band from Seattle, Washington that haven’t been around for long, but are already doing what they can to make a name for themselves. From selling out local clubs in their area to performing with acts like Lord Huron, The Revivalists, Moon Taxi, and more — they are here for their own coming out party.

The West Coast Feed generate their own unique brand of modern and electrifying rock/soul music, as composed by a tight backbeat of their rhythm section, a three-man horn section, a tandem of electric guitars, a violin, and lead by the energetic front-man, Jesse Butterworth.

In fact, the story of Butterworth is where The West Coast Feed’s story begins, as during the middle of a sold-out show in LA in his previous band, Butterworth sustained a compound leg fracture while jumping off the drum riser on stage. Ultimately that lead to the demise of that band, but it did not stop Butterworth and that redemption story is where this band begins.

The band’s new single, “Set Me On Fire” was just released recently (it officially drops on Spotify tomorrow) and it serves as blues-infused rock song that is all about that personal struggle and search for redemption. Today, we are excited to be premiering the music video for this single.

“Several years ago I was in a band that was on a label, had a #1 single on the radio and was in the middle of a big tour. Right in the middle of one of our shows I did a full on David Lee Roth style toe touch off the drum risers and landed awkwardly and ended up shattering my leg and dislocating my ankle,” Butterworth begins to explain. “I needed a few surgeries to repair my leg and couldn’t walk, perform or tour for months. We were dropped by the label, had to cancel the rest of our tour and that ended up being the end of the band. And just like that it was all over. After we disbanded I found myself in a total funk and felt like the fire inside me went out. Years later, I started writing ‘Set Me On Fire’ as a plea to ignite something new inside of me. Matt [Woll] and I took that song and started to build what became The West Coast Feed where the fire is now alive and well!”

The “Set Me On Fire” music video — which was filmed by Aaron Sternke and Spencer Findlay, edited by Sternke, produced by Butterworth, engineered by Woll, Mixed by Sternke, and mastered by Troy Glessner/Spectre Studios — can be found at the top of the post.