Last month, Rome Hero Foxes announced that their new album, 18 Summers, would be released on July 27th. The band promises a shift in sound, one that would stray from their post-hardcore roots to a more upbeat indie-rock sound.

Guitarist Michael Fox stated that “18 Summers is a huge step in the maturity of the band. Artists progress and mature over time and this record is the most comfortable I’ve ever been with our music. Our newer sound this closer to home with my influences growing up.”

The band then released the first single off the album, the title-track “18 Summers,” and it started to all make sense. On the new sound, Rome Hero Foxes’ drummer Adrian Romero explains that “It’s something different from what our listeners are used to, but I feel like we were meant to create music like this. I feel right at home when I listen to it.”

To further cement their new sound and direction, we are excited to be premiering the second single from 18 Summers today, called “Lost In a Room.” The song can be found at the top of the post, along with it’s accompanying music video. The song finds Rome Hero Foxes blending together indie-rock with a little bit of power pop sprinkled throughout, with a math-rocky inspired breakdown about about two and a half minutes in. It all works together to continue pushing their more summer-vibing sound, with a music video set on a pool party to accompany this perfectly. Surrounded by surf boards and your typical atmosphere at an afternoon pool party, the band perform “Lost In a Room” while guitarist/vocalist C.J. Burton goes through his own journey of finding out a relationship he was pursuing didn’t go exactly as planned.

Burton goes on to explain that “‘Lost In a Room’ is a nose dive right into the start of an endless summer full of familiar feelings of loss and confusion that we feel when a hard hitting love starts to become toxic.”

If you like what you hear from “Lost In a Room,” then you can pre-order 18 Summers here. The record will be released on July 27th, and the album artwork and track-listing can be found below.

rome hero foxes 18 summers

  1. Lost In a Room
  2. Break Your Own Bones
  3. Chest Piece
  4. 18 Summers
  5. Be Your Side
  6. Don’t Call My Name
  7. San Junipero
  8. Don’t Close the Door
  9. Seattle Queen
  10. Good for You