Get a history lesson with The Regrettes’ new video for “Seashore”

Protesting is both a time-honored tradition and one of the most important rights in a democratic society. History–distant, recent, and current–bears this out. As in far too many things, women’s roles in protests throughout time have often been overlooked and neglected. With their new video for track “Seashore,” LA band The Regrettes are here to make sure that doesn’t happen again (via Entertainment Weekly).

The video functions as a history lesson in protest alongside a performance video. As Lydia Night, Genessa Gariano, Sage Chavis, and Maxx Morando rock the music, we get treated to small scenes of women protesting throughout the years. This includes the witch trials and burnings at the stake and the protests that eventually landed women the right to vote.

“Seashore” is taken from Feel Your Feelings Fool!, the band’s debut album that dropped back in January. Give the album a listen, and remember to listen to the voices of everyone around you and that being politically active kicks ass.