Monday is a perfect time for a fresh start. You grab some coffee, psych yourself up, and start your week. And what better way to start your week than with some brand new music? Right now we’re talking brand new, as Australian artist Gordi has shared “Heaven I Know,” the lead single from her upcoming debut album Reservoir.

Gordi (Sophie Payten) controlled all aspects of the new track, having produced it entirely on her own along with performing it. The track is built on a vocal loop of a man counting with piano, horns, and the rest of the instrumentation laid over that. It’s a look back at a relationship that Gordi put a lot of effort into, but just didn’t work. At times, her voice rings through untouched, while in other sections a heavy auto-tune effect is utilized to impressive ends. Give it a listen now:

Reservoir is being released on August 25 through Jagjaguwar. Pre-orders are currently available. We love the new track, and we’ll be sure to keep you informed as Gordi strides forward into the spotlight.