A small(er) town of around 80,000 people, Bloomington, Indiana may be best known for pumping out John Mellencamp, Mick Foley, and the Indiana Hoosiers. But on one summer evening in that town, Fresh Kill was born. Guitarist/vocalist Jess Mann and Emma Johnson first came together due to Mann’s harmonies and Johnson’s lyrical ability, starting out with just an acoustic guitar and their voices. They performed their first shows as Fresh Kill that summer, all the while Johnson began to hone in on her skills as ad rummer, while Mann expanded on her songwriting. Eventually in October 2017, bassist KC Cifizzari joined to round out the trio.

Fresh Kill set out to create a sound that balanced summer sun with hard-hitting alternative pop. Johnson and Mann’s incredibly soothing harmonies, and the rhythmic instrumentation from Cifizzari, show that the band can create that sound and do it masterfully.

Now here we are in July 2018, and the trio has had 9 months together, and are finally ready to release their self-titled, debut album.  Fresh Kill previously released “San Diego” and “Leave Me Alone,” but today — a day ahead if it’s official release — we are excited to be premiering the whole thing for you.

The strong debut from Fresh Kill highlights the best qualities that this trio has to offer. “Gold” opens the release with an emphatic “let’s do it” before you an introduced to a solid guitar strum that continues throughout, leading the way for that sound that takes you to relaxing on a beach somewhere. It’s an impressive feat that continues throughout, even on the aforementioned “San Diego” — a track that deals with the idea of escaping your town’s people and the soured relationships and disappoint that hangs around there. The uplifting sound continues throughout, despite the lyrical content that may accompany it, making one thing clear: Fresh Kill are here to make their voices heard, and have a hell of a way of delivering their message with their debut release.

You can stream the debut release from Fresh Kill for yourself below, and if you like what you hear, pick up your copy here or listen to it on all digital retailers starting tomorrow.


fresh kill ep


  1. Gold
  2. San Diego
  3. Late Summer
  4. Ashley’s Song
  5. Like a Lie
  6. Almost
  7. Leave Me Alone