There are many factors that go into how music sounds. There’s the equipment used in recording or amplifying the sound, the mixing and production taking place behind the scenes, and of course the instruments a band uses. Where music is played also has a huge effect, too. This is true scientifically, with different spaces having different sounds. It’s also true on an emotional level. Being in a cozy bedroom listening to a band produces a different feeling than hearing them in a packed stadium. When someone sets up a space specifically to let music shine, it can be very special. LA band Culprit has utilized one of those spaces and produced a spectacular version of “Denali,” one of the tracks from their 2017 LP, Sonder. We’re thrilled to premiere that version of “Denali” here on Substream today.

Culprit recorded this rendition of “Denali” as part of the Music Human Sessions in LA. Music Human is a project that records at All Welcome Records and aims to give musicians a special place and special care to make their music shine, and that’s the case here. “Denali” is already an emotionally charged song, and that’s amplified in this intimate space. Vocalist Travis Powell’s voice echos and expresses beautifully, and drummer Jason Michalski’s work fills the space. When bassist Zach Blumenfeld and guitarist Eddie Rosales, it’ll be hard for listeners not to get chills.

Asked about the session and the song itself, Blumenfeld says “Working together with the Music Human team as well as All Welcome Records was a really incredible experience. As a band we are always striving for the best sound and representation of our music while working alongside likeminded people who have a true appreciation for music. Needless to say, we felt very ‘welcome’ coming in to the studio and were very excited to get the session underway in such a professional and well designed studio. It’s nice to feel important! ‘Denali’ (from our full length LP titled SONDER) was written by Travis during a trip to Fairbanks, Alaska that him and Zach took in October of 2016. The song came together very organically in between trips back and forth from our basement Airbnb to lookout points to catch a glimpse of the Auroras. Travis began with an acoustic arrangement that came naturally one night hanging out in the Airbnb and the vocal melodies followed shortly throughout the rest of week.”

You can watch the Music Human Session of “Denali” below. If you’re interested in seeing Culprit do this live, the band has a show at The Satellite in LA on July 18.