Featured photo credit: Amanda Cheng

New Zealand band The Beths announced themselves to the world last month with the release of “Future Me Hates Me,” the first single from their upcoming debut album of the same name. With a pleasant indie pop sound and a truly inventive music video, The Beths definitely turned some heads. The four-piece is back at it again today, releasing second single “Happy Unhappy.” There’s also a new lyric video (via Noisey) that goes along with it. Hope you like pineapple!

“Happy Unhappy” finds lead singer Elizabeth Stokes ruminating on someone coming into her life and disrupting her solitude. The song is an exploration of the paradoxical feeling of wanting someone in your life, but then once that relationship is over you want to go back to how you were before the whole thing started. The title of the song comes from stokes singing “I was happy unhappy” before this person came along. To go with the conflicting and turbulent feelings in the lyrics, The Beths lay down a twisting, roller coaster instrumental replete with speedy guitar riffs and warm vocal harmonies from all four members.

The lyric video for “Happy Unhappy” follows the lonely life described in the song. It just so happens the protagonist has a pineapple for a head. She goes about her day, exploring the city and doing lots of fun activities by herself. The most impressive part of the video may be when she drinks a beer through the pineapple mask and doesn’t spill any on herself.

You can watch the video for “Happy Unhappy” above. The Beths’ debut album Future Me Hates Me is out on August 10 through Carpark Records