It’s become fairly common in any long-term relationship to have to do long distance at some point. While Facetime and the ability to send an edible arrangement surely make it easier, nothing beats being able to actually sit next to your partner and hear about their day. While many people have to do long distance, possibly no other group is more familiar with the difficulties of distance in relationships than touring musicians. In Ben Hazlewood‘s newest song, “Months and Miles,” he sings about missing his husband while being on tour. Co-written by Gin Wigmore and produced by Joe Chiccarelli (The Killers, Morrissey, Arkells), “Months & Miles” has a soulful and emotional feeling throughout.

The music video for this single shows Hazelwood alone in his tour bus, which is parked in the desert. When asked about the video, Hazlewood stated, “I wanted this video to have a vintage classic vibe in its styling and aesthetic. My main inspiration for this video was the scene from ‘Almost Famous’ of a weary tired group of musicians in the 70s singing along to ‘Tiny Dancer’ by Elton John on their tour bus. I was also inspired by my time on the road and the homesickness and longing I felt from being away, and wanted to use the emptiness of the desert and the isolation on the bus to represent that.”

Below you can see our exclusive behind the scenes photos from Hazlewood’s music video for “Months and Miles.”