The Channel Islands’ (mostly) one-man project Astral Cloud Ashes—the musical brainchild of Antony Walker—is back with another unique and emotive indie/alternative album, titled Dear Absentee Creator.

Perhaps a first-time influence in the music world, Walker filtered his love for cryptocurrency and Bitcoin’s elusive creator into various ideas that resulted in his newest album.

“There’s a Japanese theme running through this record,” Walker explains. “I wrote the songs on this album whilst getting more and more fascinated by the world of cryptocurrency, which is another massive passion of mine. There’s a lot of speculation that the mysterious and unknown creator of Bitcoin may be Japanese or that the digital currency may have originated from Japan. I was certainly influenced by the developments in the crypto world [and] I also used a few samples of traditional Japanese instruments like the Koto to create ambient sound beds under the guitars on a lot of the songs.”

Spanning corners of rock music—from alt-indie to mathy emo—Astral Cloud Ashes’ Dear Absentee Creator will likely find a place in the music libraries of Tiny Moving Parts and The Front Bottoms fans, among many others. You can listen to the album in its entirety below via Spotify.

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