As summer rapidly approaches, have you been looking at your party playlist and found it lacking? Do you want music that is not only fun, but contains a stirring message of confidence and empowerment as well? If the answer to either of those questions are “yes,” you are in the right place today. Toronto songwriter X. ARI has used her “Pain Into Power” campaign to raise awareness and money for mental health causes close to her heart through film and music. Today we’re thrilled to premiere her new single “Stay v Go” off of her upcoming EP Dis-Order. Get ready to dance and feel motivated.

“Stay v Go” showcases X. ARI’s writing skills fist and foremost. The first verse headed into the chorus does a great job laying out the song’s synth and dance-friendly instrumentals, with a xylophone-esque melodic line in the background working wonders. When “Stay v Go” reaches its chorus, things get even more amazing. The hook here is undeniable, with the syncopation giving it a unique and funky edge to it. The onomatopoeia that happens when X. ARI sings the sound effect for the line “laser eyes” might be my favorite lyric of 2018. It’s all a good time, but the lyrics also find X. ARI urging the listener to just believe in themselves and own who they are.

X. ARI explains the song by saying “Stay v Go is a confidence anthem about being vulnerable with love. The story is about a strong girl who has the courage to put herself out there without knowing the reaction. She has the strength to say ‘take it or leave it’ when someone is unsure about them. Every type of love requires vulnerability so this song is all about owning that as a strength rather than a weakness.”

Listen to X. ARI’s new single “Stay v Go” below. X. ARI’s EP Dis-Order will be out on May 30.