It’s summer, so that means we’re fully in wedding season. Especially for those of us in our mid-20s, chances are you’ve received a lot of invites and seen a lot of social media posts about engagements. On a personal level, it means getting to see your friends and family be excited, hopeful, and happy all at the same time. On a bigger scale, it means summer is also perfect love song season. I’m always a sucker for a good love song, so I’m a big fan of this season. Songwriter Jacob Lee has written one of the best love songs I’ve ever heard in the form of new single “I Belong To You,” and I’m thrilled to premiere the track here on Substream today.

“I Belong To You” is a song that primarily features Lee and his guitar. This is a smart move, as Lee’s songwriting skills are on full display here, with no frills to distract from the beauty he has conjured. “I Belong To You” is a perfect expression of how love should be, with Lee’s soft vocals and narrative about a wedding day capturing the undying, unwavering, wholly complete devotion these two people feel for each other. It’s a powerful, moving song, and the piano outro at the end serves as the perfect way for “I Belong To You” to wind down and let the full emotional weight settle in on the listener.

“I Belong To You” was written from a very personal place by Lee, who says it is “a track originally written for my older brothers wedding ceremony. I wrote this song on my acoustic in a matter of hours just a few days before the wedding, soon after deciding to record it for an international audience. This single was produced with the intent to provide warmth & joy to a bride & groom as they stand side by side at the altar, describing the exact feelings they experience in that moment.”

If you want to hear more from Lee in the future, you’re in luck. His album Philosophy is on its way, but Lee is releasing it in an unorthodox manner. He explains “I’m releasing this entire album as singles. ‘With You’ & ‘I Belong to You’ are the 5th & 6th tracks off Philosophy, which means there’s no final album release date. I have 4 more singles to come before I release the all-acoustic album, which will be all 10 tracks released at once in an acoustic format.”

In the meantime, you can listen to “I Belong To You” for yourself below.