Nora Rothman is primarily a folk singer and songwriter; opting to use the frailty and emotional weight of her voice and storybook-like lyrics to carry you into a world of her own creation. In an attempt to broaden her musical horizons, Rothman has teamed up with several producers to release an EP full of her original songs remixed and reimagined, transforming from delicate slices of Americana into full-blown dance-pop masterpieces. The record is out this Friday on Electric Bird records and half of all proceeds will go towards Planned Parenthood.

When asked about the record, Rothman said: “How is it that in 2018, having a 100% womxn team defies industry standards? One of my goals with this EP was to celebrate femme talent. But the other was simply to make good music. Female, trans, and gender nonconforming artists are churning out the best music in the world. I am so grateful to the producers, engineers, label execs, managers and publicists who lent their skills to this project. We’re using this campaign to raise money for Planned Parenthood, because no one fights harder for womxn than they do.”

Laura Brehm, owner of Electric Bird Records also had this to say in regards to Rothman’s collection of remixes: “Nora had already chosen Planned Parenthood as the charity for 50% of royalty donations when she came to me with her Remix EP, and I decided to support that aspect of it because of my personal experiences with birth control. A woman’s body is her right, and with our bodies we make art. I believe that we should have options and resources in order to function in the lives that we choose to lead and enjoy both physical and mental health. I also have experience dealing with extreme anxiety/panic attacks that altered my life for years. I can’t emphasize enough how important mental health is, and how it can make your physical health deteriorate and vice versa. Health, feminism, and the music/entertainment industry tie together because it all relates and affects one another, and this is true for whatever industry women are involved in. Nora, myself, and the rest of our female-identifying team have our hearts in this project not only to share good music, but to support other women.”

She continues, “As a female working in amale-dominatedd industry for 10+ years, I don’t feel that men need to step aside or step down, I just know that women deserve to have an equal voice. While most of the producers in the scene are male, the ratio is even more staggering when it comes to label CEO’s. And starting Electric Bird Records doesn’t scare me at all; it really excites me.

I’m proud of Nora for being so courageous and making her point of view clear as she makes her way in the music industry. I’m also excited to be supporting all 5 female producers on the Nora Rothman – Remix EP. I’m learning production myself and I hope these tracks inspire more women to become interested in the technical aspects of music and then find that they have more control in the studio and in their careers in general.”

Listen below.

Remix EP is out April 20th via Electric Bird Records and can be pre-ordered here.