Honey and Salt is a band that has influences from across the board; from the likes of American Football to Fugazi and everything in between. This is something that they wanted to hone in on and let bleed through on their self-titled album, which is due out April 6 on Spartan Records.

If you don’t believe us, then we have the song to prove it for you. Today we are exclusively premiering a new song from Honey and Salt’s self-titled album, called “Oyster.” You can stream the song at the top of this post.

“Oyster” is a track that shows guitarist/vocalist Wade Allen drawing heavy inspiration from Mike Kinsella’s best guitar work throughout the song. Austin Sears (bass/vocals) and Benjamin Sams (drum/vocals) do their part in keeping up, completing a track that exemplifies all that Honey and Salt can be with their new album. It all culminates for a final forty second run that includes a small breakdown that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on Thursday’s War All the Time.

Speaking on the new track, Allen elaborates that “‘Oyster’ was the first song Honey and Salt wrote once Benjamin Sams (drums and vocals) joined the band in early 2016, so it feels raw, energetic, and emotional to me when we play it. It’s probably my favorite song on the record, as its lyrical content is the most personal for me. Oyster is about trying to resolve the conflict between two (possibly) inconsistent beliefs that I hold: (1) I care deeply about issues that have both personal and political significance, in which I ascribe meaning and value to these issues, and (2) my belief that the universe is (most likely) devoid of meaning and purpose. So really I’m trying to create my own meaning and dealing with that realization.”

If you like what you hear from “Oyster,” Honey and Salt’s new, self-titled album will be out this Friday, April 6. There is still time for you to check out pre-order options here.

You can also find all of their upcoming tour dates below.

Friday April 6th – Austin, Texas – The Sidewinder

Saturday April 7th – Denton, Texas – BackYard on Bell

Sunday April 8th – Dallas, Texas – Three Links

Thursday April 12th – Springfield, Missouri – Outland Bar

Thursday April 19th – New Orleans, Louisiana – Gasa Gasa

Wednesday April 25th – Austin, Texas – Waterloo Records

Thursday April 26th – Austin, Texas – Hole in the Wall