All too often, the music that comes from this scene tends to be a vessel for feelings of jaded discontent or vitriolic nihilism. Toronto’s First Ghost has emerged from the shadows with their first piece of new music since 2016’s Secret Talk EP with a track called “Burnt Out” that celebrates the parts of life that are often overlooked; the small moments that may act as a sliver of light in an otherwise all-consuming darkness.

The music video, which was co-directed by vocalist/guitarist Anton Delost, sees an aged protagonist looking to find the most joy in all of life’s little things; waking up and seeing another day is something that people often take for granted, and you’ll often find that it’s something you’ll enjoy more of it if you practice finding the excitement in something as small as a trip to the arcade. The visual concept swirls around the hook of “Burnt Out”, a powerful chant of “Can you feel it yet? So oblivious/Can you see me now/that the light’s burnt out?

Speaking on the inspiration for the video, co-director Andrew Harris said: “The first time I heard First Ghost’s “Burnt Out,” I remember visualizing the lyrics as a story. I saw a kind, old man, reliving nostalgic memories in his senior years while considering what is worth letting go of, and what is worth holding on to.” And when asked about the track, DeLost said: “This video is a bittersweet reflection on being in the moment and enjoying the little things in our relationships that are too often taken for granted until it’s too late.”

Watch the music video for “Burnt Out” above.