Justin Timberlake links up with Timbaland to drop new single “Filthy”

On Tuesday, Justin Timberlake announced his fifth studio album, Man Of The Woods, will be dropping in February. Part of that announcement included the reveal that a new single would be coming at the end of the week. True to his word, JT has released “Filthy,” a collaboration with Timbaland.

Those of you waiting for JT to go in a more acoustically driven direction are going to have to wait a bit longer. “Filthy” is a party track through and through, with a warbling, booming Timbaland instrumental dominating the track. Timberlake is here for a good time, singing “put your filthy hands all over me” on the song’s hook.

There’s a new video to go along with “Filthy,” as well. In the video, JT stars as a Steve Jobs-type at a tech conference in the future. His contribution to technology? A dancing android that he has control over, of course.

You can watch the video for “Filthy” above. If you like what you hear, you’ve got less than a month to wait for more. Man Of The Woods will be out on February 2.