Los Angeles hard rock act Trigram—a solo project crafted by vocalist, guitarist, and composer Rodney Warner—released a brand new, self-titled EP during the fall of last year. Featuring four tracks that total over 18 minutes, Trigram is a moody, industrial-tinged hard rock offering that’s equal parts heavy and thoughtful, with solid production to boot.

Speaking on the state of mind—a dream actually—that basically served as the impetus for the EP, Warner says, “I was left with feelings of how life isn’t a permanent thing. I’m going to die one day. My brain was just left in this weird space. I started asking, ‘Am I doing the right things in my life? If this will all end now, would I be happy?’ There was something missing. I’d been playing music my whole life, but I never finished anything to be proud of. I never fully committed to a piece of art. It was finally time [to] do a record.”

Relatable crises no doubt.

“I hope people want to discover the layers of the music,” Warner continues. “There’s a lot going on there, and you might find a message that speaks to you. The music that I love does this and I hope that Trigram can do the same.”

You can view the Alex Frey-directed video for lead single “Assimilate” below and stream and/or purchase the Trigram EP through a number of platforms.