The midweek pick me up you need lies on the melody of “Oh Gawd,” one of the catchiest songs to be released thus far in 2018.

God bless Kentucky. As if the gift of Jack Harlow and Knocked Loose in recent years was not enough the Bluegrass state is kickstarting its music offering in 2018 with an irresistible new single from The Homies. “On Gawd” boasts the kind of immediately infectious melody that attaches to your system like the common cold. The accompanying production is equally great, creating a vibe that feels akin to being adrift in the clouds, unshackled from every concern that may currently be weighing you down. In that sense “On Gawd” offers a freedom few things in life can provide (even less that are legal), and it’s so good you’ll be unable to resist sitting through a repeat play.

As for the video, which you can view above, “On Gawd” finds The Homies living in the freedom “On Gawd” creates through dancing and celebration with their closest friends. They’re living in the moment because it’s all they have, building a musical empire while putting their home on the musical map alongside those they love the most. It’s not just a vibe, it’s a movement, built on friendship and remembering to never take life too seriously. It’s youth.

The Homies released a steady stream of material throughout 2017, but with “On Gawd” arriving at the top of the year we can only imagine where they will go from here. Follow Substream on Twitter for updates.