Fans of Taking Back Sunday have something special to be thankful for this holiday season.

In the age of smartphones, there is rarely a time when we do not have immediate access to a camera capable of capturing high-quality pictures and/or video that can instantly be shared online. This evolution in technology is relatively recent, but because of its ubiquity, we often forget that less than two decades ago virtually no one had a camera on them at all times. Even less carried a video camera around, and even if they did the work required to share whatever footage was captured with people online was no simple feat. This is why early footage of many modern alternative greats can be hard to come by, but thanks to one thoughtful YouTube user Taking Back Sunday fans now have access to some truly special footage.

YouTube user ValenZero uploaded a video on December 23 that might just blow your mind. In it, an incredibly young Taking Back Sunday can be seen performing at The Sahara music venue on Long Island at some point in 2001. ValenZero claims to have found the performance on a video cassette discovered in a box of possession their girlfriend had. After hearing the quality of the audio ValenZero decided to upload the clip for the world to see. The performance features wild renditions of “Bike Scene,” “Head Club,” “You’re So Last Summer,” “Great Romances of the 21st Century,” “Ghost Man On Third,” and “The Blue Channel”. You can view the footage above.

Taking Back Sunday released their seventh studio album, Tidal Wave, in September 2016. The band toured heavily throughout 2017 supporting the release and will likely tour further still in the new year. We also anticipate new music, but as of this moment that cannot be confirmed. Please follow Substream on Twitter for updates.