There’s no easy way to put it: breaking up sucks. But what’s even worse is when the person you’re in a relationship with just won’t be honest, and that’s exactly what Phoebe Ryan gets in to on her brand new song, “Be Real.”

While her song “Forgetting All About You” with blackbear showed how to get over a breakup, “Be Real” details what it’s like to just wish you had the answers, as Phoebe admits to “drinking just to get it off my mind” while wondering “Baby am I enough?”. The track is accompanied by cartoon artwork depicting Phoebe looking through a telescope at an astronaut floating through space, perhaps a nod to how impossible it can be to read another person at times. Fans who have seen Phoebe Ryan live recently may have heard “Be Real” at a show, and now the recorded song is streaming over at The Fader.

In our recent interview, Phoebe hinted that “There’s gonna be a ton of new music” released before her upcoming headlining tour, so don’t be surprised if there are more new songs to come soon. Phoebe Ryan’s headlining tour will begin on October 31 in Philadelphia and wrap up two weeks later on November 14 in Los Angeles. Morgxn and Molly Kate Kesner will be joining her for support; a full list of shows can be seen on her website.